Sell your products to crores of customers across India

Sell your products to crores of customers across India

Sell your products to crores of customers across India

Why sell on

ATZCART.COM is an online e-commerce marketplace where buyer will only deal with bulk orders. ATZCART is a B2B and B2C an online e-commerce marketplace. ATZCART.COM helps to empower Small and Medium sized Vendors to expand and grow their revenues and extend their reach in local markets as well as International market.


How to sell on atzcart


Fill up and follow simple registration form and verify your contact details.

Create Company Profile

Complete your company profile with other required details.

Start Posting Products

On verification completion, start listing your products.

Get Listed on ATZCART

Get your company profile listed on ATZCART.

Receive Orders

Get notified to every order placed by buyer.

Receive Payments

Smoother settlement process for completed orders.


  • Instant Inquiries on your listed Products.

  • Receive Quotation requests from buyers.

  • Grow your business with Bulk Order system.

  • Promote your Business with mini website feature.

  • Better Cancellations and Return policies.

How it works?

Register your company over
Get your online verification process done
Start listing your products
Start receiving orders against listed products

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Visit seller registration page on
  • Simple fill required information.
  • Verify your mobile number.
  • Upload your legal documents.
  • Set your order pickup address.
  • Add your bank details.
  • Start publishing your products.
  • How to add product?
  • - To add product, a seller should be registered and verified by ATZCart's 3 tier verification system. Once the seller's account is verified then you can start posting your products using product management options from the menu bar.

  • When my product will get published?
  • - Once you entered all the required fields of the product, ATZCart product management team will review and approve the product, you will receive an approval notification over mail.

  • Can I change product details?
  • - Yes, you can change product details but it will go back for approval from ATZcart product management team.

  • Can I change product price?
  • - Yes, but on changing of product price your live product will get unlisted from website and mobile app, your product will get posted after 24 hours after approval from ATZCart product management team.

  • Can I unpublish my product?
  • - Yes. On request your product will get unpublish from site.

  • How many products I can publish?
  • - You can post many products at the initial stage, based on agreement time period, once your agreement is over, you need to subscribe for subscription based on pricing model which you want to opt.

  • Can I publish various category products?
  • - Yes. A seller can publish many products under any available category. Unless the seller and product is verified by ATZCart verification and products team.

  • How my mini-website will be designed?
  • - Once your fill up all the company details in profile and your profile is approved by ATZCart then system will automatically create a mini website which will get opened within ATZCart applications like official website and buyer mobile application.

  • When my company profile will get approved?
  • - On submission of all the required information, within 24-48 hours your profile will get approved by ATZCart.

  • Who will manage mini-website contents?
  • - Sellers mini website contents depends on profile completion. The more clear and accurate a seller enters it will get reflected over site.

  • What is mini-website?
  • - A mini website is an informative publicity website page for every registered seller of the ATZCart.

  • Can I edit my company profile?
  • - Yes, a seller can edit company profile. Go To My profile, click on the Edit icon and update the information.

  • Can I change Business Type?
  • - Yes, you can change your business type, on click of change business type you will be redirected to selection of business types option and update.

  • How do I improve my product performance?
  • - You can improve your product performance by entering popular product search keywords, clear product images.

  • How to promote my products on
  • - Post your all the products under, all the approved products will be promoted using offers under respective category and on sellers mini website.

  • How my product will get listed on top?
  • - The maximum you opt for sellers subscription plan your product will be listed accordingly.

  • Where I can mention product keywords while adding new product?
  • - Go To post 'Product Management'> 'Create New Product'> 'Select category and sub-category'> Enter keyword in 'Meta Keywords'

  • What is wallet system in sellers account?
  • - Once the order is placed and confirmed by seller, seller wallet will display amount which will be settled towards order.

  • What is settlement cycle?
  • - Settlement cycle is a time period on completion of same payments will be disbursed towards sellers account for successful delivery of products.

  • How do I update my settlement account?
  • - Go to 'Company and Site' > select 'Bank Details' > 'Enter bank account details' or 'Select Saved bank account as default.

  • Why there is deductions in settlement amount?
  • - You have observed deductions due to dispute or return order or due to breaking terms of ATZCart sellers policies and terms.

  • How I can update my contact information?
  • - Go To 'My Account' select 'Edit Member Profile' click on 'Update' after editing new information.

  • How buyer will pay to me?
  • - will accept payment on sellers behalf, the payments will be settled as per sellers contract with

  • How to generate invoice?
  • - system will automatically generate invoices against successfully placed orders. You can download system generated invoices against your order.

  • Who will pick order?
  • - On successful confirmation of order packing from seller side, order pickup will get registered and trusted shipping partner will pickup shipment from sellers picuk address location.

  • How do Buyer confirms order delivery?
  • - To confirm order receipt, please sign in your "All Orders" to find the order and check order status as 'Delivered' 1> If you do not received the order then you can write us or contact on our helpline number. 2> "Delivered" status will be available when the order is successfully delivered by our trusted shipping partner to you.

  • What is the meaning of 'Order Delivered'?
  • - Order Delivered" means your order has been shipped to your address and you have received it.

  • What is the available logistic method available with
  • - is partnered with highly renowned logistic companies. Our logistic partners are verified and trusted. provides logistic have road, sea and air as logistic mediums.

  • How to place an order?
  • - To place the order, a buyer should be registered with You can select the product from listed categories and click on 'start order' with required MOQ. On successfully completing payment, your order will be confirmed and delivered to your saved addresses.