Welcome to ATZ CART Affiliate Program

We welcome you to join us via the ATZCART affiliate program. It's simple, You promote www.atzcart.com product on your website, social media page, or blogs and when one of your followers buys something, you can earn that item's income in promoting expenses.

By becoming a partner of the ATZ Cart Affiliate Program you can generate extra income and make a regular fan base.

How does it work?

ATZ Cart affiliate program is made to benefit its partners to make more profit via promoting ATZ Cart qualified products on their respective websites or any other media on the internet, all they need to do is sign up for the affiliate program.

Find products

After signing up find products that you think your followers need it and they will love to buy. You know your followers and understand their needs and demands so according to that select your products.

Share Products

To share products you will get a link which will be provided by atzcart.com and you can share that link to your website, blog or social media pages, monetize your digital world to get more traffic and viewers.


You will be get paid by ATZ Cart when someone clicks on your link and buys from atzcart.com, it is that simple.

How much you will make?

The commission percentage for every product sold will be different and there is no limit for your earning potential likewise for Existing customers, new customers, and Reactivated customers it will be different.

Income may vary based on vertical, product or brand. Want an in-depth idea of how much you'll earn? Enquire us on [email protected] or call us at 1800-212-2036..

How you will get paid?

With the ATZ Cart affiliate program, receiving your payment is hassle-free and very straightforward. You'll be compensated every month via Direct Deposit on your provided bank details. If you've reached the minimum needed for payment.

Separate Dashboard

With ATZ CART affiliate program, you will have separate login and dashboard to check transactions and your activities. You can login with your registered email ID and saved password.

Joining is free and easy

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Want to ask something?

Enquire us on [email protected] or call us at 1800-212-2036.